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In determining whether to enter into a premium finance transaction, the policy death benefit, premium, policy performance, loan amounts, loan interest and collateral are mere estimates prepared on the basis of assumptions provided by third party reviewers for illustrative purpose only, the estimates may not meet your needs or be suitable for you and are not guaranteed. The collateral and collateral holder is subject to Lender’s approval and loan terms may change accordingly. IPFM, the Lender or any other individual or entity related to or affiliated with IPFM and the Lender does not have any obligation to update or otherwise revise any such estimates and illustrations. IPFM, as the servicer for the Lender, is responsible and concerned only with assisting the Lender in lending on life insurance policies and not for advising any person individually, the trustee, officer or entity on or arranging any insurance policy, the collateral or formation of a trust or borrowing entity . If you enter into any transaction, the policy death benefit, premium, cash surrender values, loan amounts, loan interest and collateral requirements may differ substantially from the projections provided. This information is qualified in its entirety by any final transaction and related agreements you may enter into based on your own examination thereof and the advice of your financial, legal, investment, tax and accounting advisors. You should not rely on estimates projections or illustrations in determining whether to enter into any transaction. IPFM as servicer for the Lender, does not provide any insurance, legal, tax (gift, estate, income or other), accounting or other financial or investment advice. You should consult with your own financial, investment, legal, tax and accounting advisors before entering into any transaction or agreement.